Why We Golf

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To make things simple and to allow me a cool way to throw in my bad humor, here’s a list of 20 reasons why we old guys love to golf in Cheams.

  1. To get away from our bickering wives.
  2. To drink or whisky flasks in the breeze.
  3. To scare rabbits with our golf carts.
  4. To make fun of other golfers.
  5. To see pretty young girls wearing shorts.
  6. To act stupid around people who are older than us so we feel young again.
  7. To forget about American politics ruining the world.
  8. To get physical exercise.
  9. To get closer to god.
  10. To listen to the birds.
  11. To feel the grass under out feet.
  12. To see the nature of Cheam.
  13. To enjoy the good weather.
  14. To have an excuse to leave the grandchildren during summer break.
  15. To have an excuse to drive our sports cars like pricks to the gold course.
  16. To make ourselves feel prim and sophisticated.
  17. To try out the new clubs we buy.
  18. To let go of anger by hitting the ball.
  19. To make young people and their hobbies these days seem stupid.
  20. To put our land to good use.