What to Do When it’s too Cold to Golf?

cold golf

I should warn you this post is a bit of a comedy. I thought about writing this when I invited my friend from visiting from Winnipeg to come golfing this morning and he said, but it’s winter and it’s too cold!” I laughed so hard through the phone that you could still call it laughing in his face. Then, he made things worse by asking the ridiculous question, “What to do in Cheam when it’s too cold to golf?”

My answer came hard and it came fast in two words… “Man up!”

Seriously, bring a scarf or something. Sure, when it’s windy and rainy or snowing then you could find something else to do like:

  1. Go to the driving range.
  2. Watch sports at the pub.
  3. Do online shopping for rain jackets.

But when there’s no wind, no rain and you’re not golfing just because it’s cold, then I’d argue you’ve no place calling yourself a real golfer! That’s just my funny way of looking at it. My friend decided to man up after all and we’ll be heading out to swing the old golf club in a few hours. If my friend doesn’t freeze to death, maybe I’ll have an interview with him after. I think he’s a good personality and has a good story that deserves a post on this blog, for a lot of the usual who hang out here don’t know him too well yet.

Well, hope this advice helps. Next time someone says no to golf because it’s too cold, throw a scarf at him and tell them to man up!