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The Importance of Cleaning Your Residential Windows

I don’t want this to be a talk about Western etiquette. I just want to talk about this because I lived most of my life never caring if my windows were cleaned until a friend’s mom put me in my place. Trust me, after waking up to find out that your guest’s 80-year-old mom woke up at 5 AM to clean all your windows because they were disgusting will make you see things differently, too!

Growing up as a single young man I had always worked hard enough to be able to have a lot of windows I could call my own, but I never actually had any glass cleaner in my house for almost ten years straight at one point. I didn’t know the first thing about what was the best window cleaner formula or the best window cleaning company in British Columbia before, but now my windows never stay a whit filthy for more than a few hours and I can tell you exactly what is the best best window washing solution and the best local window washing business because I’m somewhat of a self-trained expert.

I even dry my own windows to perfection with passed down techniques from the first Canadian pioneers. Seriously!

Window Cleaning Supplies

But now you should know that if you are anything like I used to be that cleaning windows is one of the secrets to happiness. That’s because getting your life in order is the key to happiness. When everything is going the way you don’t want it to, the gates of Hell open. That’s why I keep my windows clean so I can get a good view of it happening to other people who don’t have things in order. Cleaning your windows often is just one of the many habits you will need to build to reach your full potential. You might argue that it takes a lot of time to clean all your windows and that’s true, but after you have the habit of keeping them clean it’s almost like wiping down the sink after cleaning dishes–as soon as a little speck of filth shows up you wipe it away. And so in other words your windows never have a chance to get dirty. The filth never accumulates.

When I had my farm in Saanich, a place on Vancouver Island, I would always call up Clarity Windows Ltd for window cleaning Victoria BC services. They’re the best out there, but over here in Cheam I actually get my son to do it. He does it full time for another window cleaning company, actually only started the job a year ago because I had ranted about how important cleaning windows is, and so I got kind of lucky.

The Importance of Window Cleaning

We already talked about how building a good habit is always good. It also starts you on a path of building more good habits. This happens until your life is in order. But there are other reasons why you should call your local window washing company for services right now. Keeping your windows clean motivates the neighbors to do the same, and so the less and less other houses on your street are cleaning their windows the less motivation your neighborhood will have to clean their windows. That is why in richer areas with a lot of the larger houses having themselves in order like to keep their windows spotless, all the other smaller houses somehow make the time to do it and a kind of domino effect takes place. So after you get professional window cleaning services you should get a bunch of business cards from the company and hand them out to everyone who lives within sight of your freshly cleaned windows. By doing this you will also be raising the value of your neighborhood and the subconscious results will be long-term and spectacle.

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