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Golfing Naked in the Backyard Should Be Legal

As you know us old geezers at Cheam Golf like to think we’re funny and here is yet another parody post.

The other day I was practicing my golf swings with a foam ball in my living room and I started to get very hot so I got naked. Now truly someone as old as me isn’t nice to look at in this state, but still after practicing another dozen swings, hitting my foam golf ball against a framed picture of my wife on the wall, I started to get too hot again so without thinking I went out into the backyard. It only took a few moments for me to remember that I was naked and thank God no one saw me, or at least I think no one saw me. But if I had been reported by a neighbor the consequences might have been dire.

That evening I began to think and dream about a utopia where old men like me could practice their golf swings naked anywhere they please. Imagine it…

  1. In McDonald’s parking lots.
  2. Grocery store aisles.
  3. The middle of highways.
  4. Inside fancy restaurants.

These are all places I’d love to practice my art-form in the comfort of my own skin. This to me would be a dream come true and I would do it every day. Ah, maybe in the future this utopia will actually come true!