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A Poem About Golfing in Hamilton Ontario

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Here’s a poem I wrote while golfing in Hamilton Ontario the other week. I was going to make a blog post here on cheamgolf.ca about it but instead I just decided to post the poem I wrote. Most of my friends don’t even know I like to write poetry, but they will now. Just a warning, though, I maintain my odd sense of humor when I write poetry to bear with me here. Enjoy!

Hamilton, ON, CA Golfing

On a cold, sunny day

While the breeze blows

I park near the bay

With my golfing bros

We unload the clubs

Betting who will win

My best bro shrugs

Takes a shot of gin

Local Hamilton gin

Sweet to the toungue

I know I’m gonna win

Or I’m pulling out my gun

Hamilton golfing

Is the life for me

Take me to Ontario

To golf in the breeze