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A Story About a Golf Ball


For people who don’t golf, it might be hard to believe that some golf balls can be worth over $200. And I’m not just talking about golf balls signed by famous golfers. There’s a science to the weight and surface of a golf ball, and really high quality ones will perform a lot better that cheap ones. The performance is very noticeable to the eye and you can feel it and hear it when you hit it.

That’s why golf balls have dimples on them. It helps with the way it flies through the air. Also, a good quality golf ball will bounce on the grass and roll longer, making putting for the hole easier. After using the same model of golf ball for a long time, you can tell and have to adjust when a new model is introduced to your kit.

Here’s a good video about the science behind golf ball design:

Golf Science

I sometimes go in the woods behind my local golf coarse and hunt for lost golf balls because after collecting a lot of them you got a small fortune on your hands. I don’t pay for the good quality ones, but I’ve found a lot of them and they’re so fun to use, until you lose them yourself.

I have a short story about how I found a golf ball in the woods with a signature on it. The signature was too weathered away to tell who it belonged to but I knew the golf balls was at least worth $70 because of the model and make. I tried using it on the course and lost it in a lake on my first hit. There went all my good luck, but I didn’t complain. The only reason why I lost the ball in the lake is because I wasn’t used to using such a good quality golf ball and I overshot.

So if you ever find a rare golf ball, take some practice hits with it before you lose yours, too. Unless, of course, you want to have a good laugh like I did.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more from Cheam Golf!