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Getting Your Kids To Golf Is Fun!

Hello folks. As you know us crusty old folks at Cheam Golf don’t have any kids we can teach golf because they’re all grown up. However, I did have the pleasure of taking out my grandson yesterday and I didn’t realize taking a kid out to golf could be so fun.

I probably thought it would be hard because when my dad took me out golfing for the first time he lost patience and we went home. I didn’t find passion for golfing until he passed away and I inherited his golf clubs.

I recommend that next time you want to take a kid out for an activity, whether you’re baby sitting or taking care of the grand kids, you should go golfing. But please remember this advice and don’t get impatient like my dad did. There’s a good chance the kid will suck at the sport so you have to teach them and take your time. But after you will feel great, especially if you can instill in them a respect for the sport.

So I hope this will get more kids golfing. They won’t do it on their own, and they need a good teacher, so have fun with it! If you want to read more check out my story about a golf ball!