Merry Christmas! What does 2019 mean for you?

merry golf christmas

The team of old golfers over here at Cheam Golf would like to wish every single one of you a merry, swell Christmas! No matter who you are, everyone deserves to have a special time throughout the holidays. My wife is visiting family in Europe for Christmas and I woke up with the house to myself this morning. As you’d expect I got a little lonely but then a stream of things that I am grateful for overwhelmed me and now I’m writing this for you!

Christmas is a strange time of year. I’ll speak for the whole team at Cheam Golf when I say 2019 means a lot for this blog with an entire renewal of the previous blog we had. We love blogging because we have friends and family who read it and they find it entertaining. We use this as a tool to create laughter in our own circles but anyone on the wide web is welcome to join us. In fact, we’re restarting our progress as bloggers because we hope to reach more new followers and we’re so grateful to have the chance to grow our blog for you in 2019.

What will we blog about in 2019?

  1. Funny, true stories about golfing with the boys.
  2. Local news in British Columbia Canada that might be funny.
  3. Stories from our friends and family that are worth sharing.