Marching to the Beat


Today on the porch I was doing some thinking and I began to reflect on the past a lot. Now I’m fairly old, at least old enough to get wrinkles in the way when I shave, and I began to remember times in life when I was marching to the beat. Then I compared those moments to times when I was marching off the path. Then I had a revelation and realized that in the big picture I was always walking on the right path, marching to the beat even when I thought I was off the path at the time. Sometimes we arrive at our destination in ways we never expected. Sometimes doing something out of curiosity even when you believe it’s wrong can, in a strange miraculous way, guide you to a shortcut along your journey, so that you may do the things you’ve placed in your heart to do and a whole lot more in your lifetime.

And here was my great takeaway point.

Death is my closest companion. I might die tomorrow, so she remind’s me I must live life to the fullest. I might die tomorrow, yet I act as though I have faith that I might wake up tomorrow. I do my dishes. I laugh.

Those were my thoughts today. I just wanted to share them. There’s a lot of other cool posts here that I just wanted to share, too. For example, I not too long ago wrote a funny true story about how me and my buddies got our golf cart towed in Halifax. Check it out if you want to read more.