Golfing in Halifax, Got Our Golf Cart Towed Away


Hello again, dear readers. As you should know by now, us old golfers have strange humors and we laugh at things that perhaps we shouldn’t. We just got back from a golfing trip in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and yet again we have a funny story to share with you. I was going a bit hard on the brandy at the time but I’ll try to remember enough details to make this story as interesting as possible. Golfing in Halifax isn’t as fun as some of the courses here in British Columbia but it’s good to try new courses every once in a while.

You’re not supposed to drive a golf cart while under the influence of brandy, but us old guys don’t know better. This story all starts with renting a car after getting out of the airport. We saw four tow trucks within the first hour of being in Halifax and thought nothing of it at the time, but those car towing trucks were really messages from the divine source giving us omens and warnings about our comical fate that evening. The tow truck became the symbol for our whole trip, and you’ll laugh when you learn why, but hopefully not as hard as we laughed.

Just after a 20 minutes of driving our rental car we had a malfunction in the engine. The car was making some weird noises but we ignored it. Two hours later we realized we should have been more prudent when the car suddenly stalled. It wasn’t our fault but we felt responsible and so we paid for a tow truck Halifax service to get the car back to the rental company and they apologized and set us up with a nicer car that they promised wouldn’t break down on us.

It wouldn’t be till afternoon that we finally reached our first golf course. We began our time there being the goofy old men we love to be and had a bit of fun with the golf carts. We didn’t expect that we would have to ever consider getting more towing services again that day but after one too many shots of brandy I accidently drove my golf cart into a bush and it got stuck in a ditch. I felt so embarrassed but even the people that worked there were laughing and one of them even gave me a high five for my mistake. I promised to pay for the damages and lo and behold had to pay for the tow truck service that came to haul the cart out of the ditch. It turned out there wasn’t much damage but I still dropped nearly $400 in total for my mistake.


When the tow truck driver showed up he smiled so hard because it was the same guy who had towed our rental car only a few hours before. He wasn’t surprised though because he had sensed that we were trouble makers. Fortunately we never had to see that guy again during our trip but we kind of wanted to offer him a dinner on us for his help. He was by far the nicest tow truck driver I had ever met and perhaps the nicest guy we met throughout our whole trip in Halifax.

So now to recap here’s a list of our daredevilry in Halifax:

  1. The divine source was trying to warn us with tow truck omens.
  2. Our rental car stalled on the roadside and we needed towing assistance.
  3. We started golfing at noon with a buzz already building.
  4. I crashed my golf cart into a bush and had to pay for the damages.
  5. Then, I got one of the best hand shakes of my life when the friendly tow truck driver helped us for the second time within a few hours.
  6. Lastly, we hit up 2 more golf courses that day, but I wasn’t allowed to drive the golf cart anymore, of course.

So there we have it–yet another fun story from these old Cheam golfers. If you’re new to our blog and want to keep reading, check out our homepage:

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