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My Visit to Hamilton Ontario: A Story of Wonder and Awe

flying to hamilton

As an old man it might surprise you to hear that this year was my first time ever visiting Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Recently I shared a poem about Hamilton golf but I decided to write that blog post I’ve been thinking of and tell you all about my trip. If you’ve been to Hamilton, then you probably understand why I’ve never been there before. There’s not much to look at and it’s rather industrial. Lot’s of tow trucks and buses driving around, not very many pretty ladies. So let’s start from the beginning…

When I arrived I was shocked at how right my buddy who warned me had been. He warned me that I would be disappointed by the city and wouldn’t find it very attractive. Boy, was he right! On the first day we tried out a few different golf courses and they were fine but nothing spectacular. At least they were worth the trip over there. But the real reason I went was to visit my buddy Jon who had made a fortune investing recently. More on that later.

To get things rolling, here’s a list of four things I did in Hamilton that night that I’ll always live to regret:

  1. Drank way too much bourbon.
  2. Slept with a lady who I can’t remember her name.
  3. Ate too much greasy food.
  4. Staid at a hotel that was too expensive.

Well, I guess it could have been worse. On day two we tried to hit as many golf courses as we could until we realized we had already tried them all. We did our favorite one again and that was the funnest time I had. Jon wouldn’t stop talking about his investments though. He’s a retired tow truck driver and he knows the towing industry like the back of his nether parts. Since he knows the towing industry so well, he decided to try his luck at investing in some old towing companies. Overall, he’s been quite successful. He invested most of his life’s savings. He didn’t get the kind of returns those lucky 17th century investors in the Dutch East India Company did but he’s more than doubled his money so far and still hasn’t pulled out. Essentially these towing companies use his money to upgrade their trucks, purchase professional marketing and so on and as they grow so does his returns because he now owns shares in the companies. I was inspired and did a small investment myself.

tow truck

On the 3rd day we decided to keep low key and relax in the hotel lounge. Jon and I caught up on childhood memories of traveling across Canada on road trips and whatnot, and it’s safe to say we had a really great time.

A Story of Wonder and Awe in Hamilton, ON? More like an Investment Opportunity with Tow Truck Businesses!

In case you haven’t realized yet, I just called this a story of wonder and awe to be funny. It’s quite hard to have a story of such sort in a place like Hamilton but I tried. It wasn’t a Never Ending Story but it was a good time that I would call special and I’ll never forget it!

Well, that was the gist of my trip to Hamilton and I hope you enjoyed. If anything, I hope you got inspired to invest in some of your local tow truck businesses. I’m quite excited to see what my gains will be! Bye for now.

A Poem About Golfing in Hamilton Ontario

ontario flag

Here’s a poem I wrote while golfing in Hamilton Ontario the other week. I was going to make a blog post here on about it but instead I just decided to post the poem I wrote. Most of my friends don’t even know I like to write poetry, but they will now. Just a warning, though, I maintain my odd sense of humor when I write poetry to bear with me here. Enjoy!

Hamilton, ON, CA Golfing

On a cold, sunny day

While the breeze blows

I park near the bay

With my golfing bros

We unload the clubs

Betting who will win

My best bro shrugs

Takes a shot of gin

Local Hamilton gin

Sweet to the toungue

I know I’m gonna win

Or I’m pulling out my gun

Hamilton golfing

Is the life for me

Take me to Ontario

To golf in the breeze