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A Poem About Golfing in Victoria BC


When I go golfing with the boys in Victoria BC every few years, we like to check out all the best golf courses. Over at Cedar Hill Golf Course is my favorite, but I like to cruise them all. You know my buddy once told me a poem about golfing in Victoria BC.

“Learning how to golf is free and breezy

To play is not cheap, see

On the greens of Victoria BC

We cruise to make it look easy”

Our Cheam team loves going to the golf courses on Vancouver Island and showing those whippersnappers what real golf’s about. We golf long into the afternoon staring at the marvelous skyline of the Pacific Northwest. We’re too crusty and cranky to fumble on those social networks, being near-to-senile and all, but we’re hoping that this blog will motivate us old blokes to share our experience and keep our traditions of going to for some golf to visit friends and have fun in Victoria every three years. Steve sometimes comes with us but we’re going to drag him there in a bed if we have to. Maggie’s been dying to see him and so has Hal.

For the good friends who read our blog–thank you! Catch us golfing there in Victoria soon with the boys.