About Us

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Here’s a little about the bloggers behind the scenes at Cheam Golf and the reasons why we started this blog!

As you all know, golfing in the wind and rain can be difficult. That’s why a few of us old golfing buddies decided to start up a blog today so that we can still be active in our passions when we’re not out on the green.

There’s three of us, but for reasons we’ll introduce ourselves with fake names singly.

Me, the one writing this, is Phill. I’ve been golfing in Cheam for well over 30 years and my son is only 29 which says a lot about my priorities when I was young. Golf is my real son. Feel free to ignore my bad humor, though it may be hard as I try to stuff all the posts I write with it.

Chuck is the one hovering over my shoulder right now grueling. He reminds me of Frankenstein but he’s a way better golfer than I am. He’s been at it for nearly 50 years now and his hair is whiter than a golf ball. His posts will be more serious than mine.

David isn’t with us right now but this blog was originally his idea. He has another blog already about Canadian car collectors. He’s a rich guy from India who’s only been golfing with us for three years, but he’s almost as good as me already.

Now that you know a little about us and why we started this blog, you can look forward to learning more by bookmarking this site and checking back every once in a while to see how our blog is coming along. Click here to visit homepage.